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Why So Many Young Jewish Couples are Divorcing 



4 keys to understanding the crisis facing singles and marriage today.


At a recent forum on singles, dating and marriage, a father stood up and asked me, “Why is it so hard for our singles to commit today? Why do we hear about so many young couples who are divorcing? Do you think the two are related?”

He had a good point. Many speak about the ‘singles crisis’ and we also hear a lot about couples who are not making it to their second and third anniversary. If we could put our finger on what is contributing to the problem, perhaps we can find solutions that can transform this painful bind that many young people find themselves facing today.

I think there are four key factors we need to contemplate.

1. Disposable Society

Who fixes appliances anymore? Toaster ovens, microwaves, and alarm clocks get tossed while quickly outdated laptops, iPhones and cars get traded in for the latest model. After all, new is always better. Our kids lose their clothing knowing that we’ll just buy them more of the same next time. Somehow it has become no big deal to throw away or replace what we’ve lost.

This thinking has seeped into our attitudes towards the people in our lives. I’ve seen it in the conversations I’ve had with couples who are facing marital issues. One young woman said to me, “So what’s the big deal? I’ll get a divorce and find another one. There are lots of men out there. Look at all my friends.”

When we see relationships as disposable, whether they are friendships or marriage, the sacred bond becomes easily unglued. We’ve lost the ability to value what we have, including the people we’re supposed to cherish the most. All relationships have their ups and downs. The mindset that it never pays to fix things and that newer is better impacts our daily lives, lessening the sacrosanct value inherent in marriage.

We need to value the people and things we have in our lives. Work on appreciation and stop taking relationships for granted.

2. Instant Gratification

Whatsapp, texting and emails have brought us to expect an immediate response. Otherwise we wonder, “What is taking so long! Why didn’t they answer me?” Instead of waiting our turn to be helped in the store we just click and order most things online. We have next day delivery. I remember taking my film in to be developed when I was a little girl and anticipating the day it would be ready for pickup. Who can imagine not viewing your photo and sending it to others across the world instantly? We’ve lost the ability to be patient. We expect it all to be there for us right here, right now.

What does this have to do with relationships?

Serious dating and marriage takes work. You will not always see instant results. Love grows with time. The more we nourish a relationship the greater we feel invested in this partnership. If we don’t automatically feel madly in love or don’t always see the fruits of our labor, what then? Do we just give up and move on?

When couples look back through their years of being together they realize how much they have evolved. Sure there were great obstacles and dark moments. What would have happened if they decided then that it’s not what they thought it would be, so why go on together? (I am not speaking about abusive or intolerable situations). With time and much sweat, tears and self-work is born a love that is deeper than one could have ever imagined. Love is not instant. Marriage is built on a “mature love” that is carefully nurtured. Great patience is required.

Expecting instant gratification strips us of the opportunity to work through the difficult times and climb life’s tougher moments together. We give up too easily believing that there is no point if we don’t see what we want to see or feel what we want to feel right now. We end up selling ourselves and our relationships short.

3. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

You see parties posted online, other people’s vacations, even delicious sushi or steak dinners and think to yourself, what about me? This fear of missing out is not good for singles and married couples. Comparing lives, wondering if there is something better out there, and checking out Facebook posts feeds this frenzy.

People are too busy counting everyone else’s blessings to see their own. Commitment requires one to be happy with what we have. FOMO is the exact opposite. There comes a point where we must make peace with our lives. We need to make a decision to stop glancing over our shoulder. Dating with one eye on who else may be around becomes an impossible way to create a lasting relationship. And surely one can’t have a solid marriage thinking that others have it better.

Begin with making a conscious mental U-turn. Stop looking at others and work on being satisfied with all you’ve been given. Seek out the good in your days and the people in your life. Instead of imagining other people’s happiness, work on creating your own. You will become self-satisfied and content.

4. A Disconnected World

Technology has connected us but it has also brought us farther apart. We’ve become used to communicating through texts instead of speaking. Singles have told me that their dating hit a roadblock when they began texting instead of talking. Husbands and wives converse while staring at their screens. Eye contact brings deeper connection-now this is lacking. Couples listen with half an ear and see with half an eye. Of course our relationships are affected. We also get bored easily with those next to us; constantly checking our phones. Our loved ones begin to feel irrelevant.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to put down our devices and pay more attention to those around us.

Whether you are single or married, or raising children who will be in future relationships, contemplate how these four factors affect your relationships. A few simple changes can allow us to live better, and love better too.



The Way You Make Your Bed Is The Way You Sleep In It!

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS



One of the best things in the world, when you're a kid, is a sleepover date. You'll sleep on the floor the rug, the carpet, you don't care. What's a mattress between friends? You'll get 3 hours of sleep - more than enough! A ratty blanket, no sheet, a hard pillow- whatever, it's all good. It's a sleepover.  

But replay that as an adult? Are you insane?! The mattress must be just so, exactly to your specs- hard, firm, bouncy whatever your preference is -it better be on that bed you sleep in. 3 pillows, 8 pillows, 10 pillows - whatever you are used to .... you just cannot entertain sleep without that number! And your prized pillow or pillowcase, that, you must schlep from home!  

"The shades don't make the room dark enough!" " The AC's not cool enough!"  "The heat’s not high enough!" " The bathrooms not close enough!" The litany of shortcomings is endless. If you could just dump your entire master bedroom in to your suitcase, then you'd be fine with a sleep over.

But short of that - the headache, backache, lost sleep, exhaustion and irritation, is just not worth the sacrifice. 

What happened to that resilient, little floor sleeper of yesteryear? When did you become this inflexible kvetch?!

If the guest room you're put in is not the Taj Mahal, you want out of there! If the accommodations aren’t as good as home, you feel like crying like a baby.  

In all honesty, sometimes you’re just homesick for the familiar, even if it's not that bad a place. Cause the truth is even if your bed is bumpy, lumpy or concave you are used to your bed. Your body has etched its form into a location and sleep is defined by your relationship with that spot. 

So how can adults have sleep overs? Well first they must pack their collection of pills. Ambien, Tylenol PM, melatonin, whatever does the trick for them. Then the reason to leave home must be compelling enough to move them out of their complacency. Now, for a couple, this is a definite negotiating point. Your sister's kid's Bar Mitzvah, is different from his sister's kid's bar mitzvah. And vice versa. Your best friend's event is not his best friend's. And his best buddy’s first kid is not your best buddy’s first kid.  

Beds have a way of being less horrible if your incentive to be there is greater. But with a couple there is often different levels of incentive. The more one has to be there, the more easily they can re-tap into their childhood resiliency. But! ...for the spouse who is not as motivated to be there, he or she is focused more on all the adult frustrations. Therefore, ----What must go up for one as the comfort goes down for the other, is one spouses level of appreciation that the other came. And then as the appreciation goes up the respondent better be able to gracefully say or imply -it's no big deal. I'm glad to do this with you! Despite the cold compress on their head, ice on their back or bags under their eyes, -good relationship skills are about being able to feel: what's comfortable enough for you, is comfortable enough for me. If you can see the flower through the thorns so can I! 

The better side of wisdom often feels like -leave the spouse at home and grab your kid!  They can sleep anywhere! To them it's an adventure. In fact, if they actually get a bed they're ecstatic!  They don't wonder why the place they are staying doesn't have their brand of coffee, their diet sweetener, or the milk they like in it. Though, they may give you a run for your money if they don't find a breakfast cereal that they can eat. Still they will first sort through the collection and be open to trying a new one as long as it looks interesting to them. That spirit of adventure is still with them.  

Maybe what we should do is ask some questions before our guests arrive, like we do in relation to food. You know like, “is there anything you don't eat?” Or, “does anyone have any food allergies?”  Ok, I know, we food shop every week, we are not about to redecorate our guest room each time a new guests shows up! 

I guess it would be smart to walk in to our guest room once in a while and lie down on the bed and think, could I actually sleep in here? Have I at least tried to make it the best accommodation that I can? I know I can't meet every adult's requirements, but can I step it up a bit. Add a variety of pillows. Buy newer, softer, fresher bedding. Make sure the blinds work -not every neighbor needs to know that my guest is getting dressed!  

So even though it seems that sometime, and as a parent I'd speculate just around high school age, adults do start to appreciate the need for sleep more than kids do. And even though adult agendas do start to demand coherence a bit more than a kids. Maybe - just maybe, the only solution for a guest to get through a visit with a good attitude is to somehow remember there was once a time that the experience was certainly much greater than the comfort of the bed they were assigned to!!!

 Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<




If you would like to speak, host or receive emails please contact:Chana Bienstock-569-4077-

Marcia Behar 374-0741-Chana Epstein- 295-2537

A Kesivah V’chasima Tova 5775/2014-15






If you would like to speak, host or receive emails please contact:

Chana Epstein- 295-2537,

Chana Bienstock-569-4077 or Marcia Behar 374-0741-



The Shiur will begin 5:15 p.m. at the homes of:


May 7/29 Nissan Achrei – Bernie and Judy Wolberg, 525 Arbuckle Ave., Cedarhurst

May 14/6 Iyar - Kedoshim – Alan & Shaindy Hammer, 704 Carlyle Ave., Cedarhurst

May 21/13 Iyar - Emor- Drs. Steve & Alisa Kadish, 743 Bryant St., Woodmere

May 28/20 Iyar – Behar-Zevi & Evy Guttman 588 Park Ave., Cedarhurst

June 4/27 Iyar – Bechukotai –Nelson and Marcia Behar, 460 Barnard Ave., Cedarhurst

June 11/5 Sivan - Bamidbar- Erev Shavuos no Shiur

June 18/12 Sivan – Nasso - Aryeh and Brocha Blumenthal, 50 Maple Ave.,Cedarhurst

June 25/19 Sivan - Behaalotechah – Mindy Schwartzblatt, 466 Oceanpoint Ave., Ced

July 2/26 Sivan - Shelach- Stuie and Tzippy Nussbaum, 508 Redwood Dr., Cedarhurst

July 9/3 Tammuz – Korach- David & Karen Portal, 138 Elm St., Woodmere

July 16/10 Tammuz - Chukat- Chaim and Michelle Grosser, 386 Barnard Ave., Cedarhurst

July 23/17 Tammuz - Balak- Ephraim & Susan Weingarten 332 Derby Ave., Woodmere

July 30/24 Tammuz – Pinchas-Drs. Mordechai and Debbie Schuss, 448 Arlington Rd, Cedarhurst

Aug 6/2 Av Matos - Massei-Matos - Tuli & Rachel Tepfer 376 Rugby Rd., Cedarhurst

Aug 13/9 Erev Tisha B’Av - Devarim NO SHIUR –

Aug 20/16 Av - Va’etchanan - Danny & Raizy Taubenfeld 412 W Broadway, Cedarhurst

Aug 27/23 Av – Eikev – Stuie and Chani Vaiselberg, 222 Avery Pl., Cedarhurst   

Sept 3/30 Av Rosh Chodesh Elul - Re’eh Ronnie & Devorah Borochov 433 Arbuckle, Ced

Sept 10/7 Elul-Shoftim - Richard & Cheryl Friedman 22 Cedar Lane, Cedarhurst

Sept 17/14 Elul - KiTeitze – Ahron and Riki Fishbein, 735 Central Ave., Woodmere

Sept 24/21 Elul - Ki Tavo- Phil and Phyllis Kornbluth, 402 Rugby Rd., Cedarhurst


L’shana Tova 5777


in memory of Malka Feiga bat Nosson 

Inspired by Tzipora Harris


 “Please G-d, let me partner with You and go beyond my constrictions to a place of expansiveness. Everything that happens is part of Your perfect training & development program for me. Help me respond in the most noble way- help me judge favorably, have compassion, let go of having to be in control and give it over to You, G-d. Please bless me with an amazing year of walking with YOU.”

1.      G-D, You have an incredible vision for all of humanity and for me. I want to fulfill Your vision of greatness for me more and more. Please show me what I most need to see gently.

2. I want to recognize the gifts in my life and see the totality of the life You gave me, the blessings and the challenges, as an expression of Your love. Please fill my heart with gratitude.

3. I want to transcend my greatest obstacles to fulfill Your vision for me. Please help me partner with You and go from a place of constraints to a place of expansiveness.

4. Please bless me with all the resources I need to fulfill Your vision for me. (health, clarity, relationships,  a job, place to live etc.)

5. I want to make You King by living myself more according to Your Definition of reality and Your instructions for living. Please guide me.

6. I resolve that I want to be connected to You, G-D, as the source of my wellbeing in life. And not rely on ANYTHING or ANYONE else. Please help me remember that no one else has power.

7. I resolve that this moment is the dawn of a new era in my life.

I stand before You, the Creator of the Universe, my loving Father, I look at the Rosh Hashanah prayer and of course I want to be connected to You as the source of all life, and be the beautiful person You created me to be; I definitely don’t want any of the mistaken choices of the past to stand in the way.  Please help me repair whatever needs fixing.  I want this year to be greater than any year I’ve ever had and I want to be a bigger person than I’ve ever been. Not just for my own sake but for the Jewish people and humanity. Please help me ask for the right things and help me understand Your loving answers.

I want today to be the dawn of a new era in my life.

G-d, You know what I’m facing inside and outside, please help me. “ 

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The Defining Moment - FDR's First Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope by Jonathan Alter. January 31
Economic Problems Facing the Middle Class .Mr. Rosenbaum will present his thoughts on the socioeconomic problems facing the American middle class. March 14
If Music Be The Food of Love...Shakespeare In Love: Sunday, January 7 at 2:30pm. New York jazz vocalist Christiana Drapkin celebrates the beauty and power of William Shakespeare's poetry and presents it in lively, sometimes haunting, jazz arrangements. The songs are direct quotations from Shakespeare's plays. Tickets required.
Picasso and American Art: Monday, January 8 at 1:00 pm. Picasso is acknowledged by many as the central figure of the modern movement. Art historian Mary Vahey will examine the sometimes worshipful, sometimes testy relationship between American artists and the Picasso, the immensely inventive Spaniard.
A Rockette Remembers: Wednesday, January 17 at 1:00pm. Corliss Whitney, the honorary historian of the Rockette Alumnae, shares poignant stories about her years as a Rockette during the 40's and 50's.
Laugh Your Way to Health - Humor Therapy: Wednesday, January 24 at 1:00pm. A presentation that will focus on the latest studies that scientifically prove and explain how and why laughter IS the best medicine.
Berman Does Merman: Sunday February 4 at 2:30pm. Songs and stories celebrating Ethel Mermans brilliant career will be brought to PPL by vocalist Lisa Berman. Tickets required.
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Great Lyricists and/or Poets: Wednesday, February 14 at 1:00pm. Arnie Rosenbaum will share the poetic lyrics of Ira Gershwin, Alan J. Lerner and Larry Hart. You decide if the great lyricists of the 20th century really were master poets.
Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall - An Artists Country Estate: Monday, March 19 at 1:00pm. Ines Powell, Metropolitan Museum of Art educator, will present an illustrated lecture which will bring together many of the architectural elements and design features of Tiffany's extraordinary country estate in Oyster Bay.