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Quick - I Need A Shower

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS

So you have to prepare for the shower.  It doesn't hurt to make sure you have the supplies you need ready before the shower starts.  Of course you want to get some great smelling soaps and moisturizers. Certainly a nice new robe is especially yummy, with a monogram on it, ready to be used. And some bath size towels and washcloths make sense. Don't forget a nice soft pair of pajamas that would be so good to slip in to.

The question is, with all this preparation going on - how do people expect the bride to be surprised? Oh yeah someone else is making all the preparations for this shower. 

But seriously don't you think it would help if someone told the guests not to park right out in front of the house. How good a faker should a bride have to be.

There she stands mumbling "Oh, I'm so surprised. I had no idea."   Do you want her to have to seem like an awkward liar or a total dofus?  Seriously, how is she expected not to recognize her own mother's car- sitting right outside her friend’s house -a friend her mother never even met! At least tell people to park a block away.

Also- It's like a few weeks before the wedding. Is she really surprise-able? She's put a whole bunch of household items on a list at Bed Bath and Beyond. How does she think she's getting them?  No one's buying her a peeler or can opener for a wedding gift, are they?!

There are lots of gifts that have to be gotten before the wedding. So the shower is quite necessary. Basically to clean up taking care of the small items. The shower planners have to make sure to get some utensils and pots as well. Because, after weeks of dating and going out to restaurants nightly, real life is about to start. And the bride's been voted -chief chef. 

So there everyone sits with the “oooh’s” and “ah’s”, over blenders and food processors. The only other time these items get this much recognition is when advertisers are vying for the account. And here's some valuable shower advice - Don't even bother opening your mother in law's gifts. Whatever she got you -it is perfect!!! 

Then let's talk about this great new game they started playing at showers. They video the groom beforehand and see if he knows the answers to a series of personal questions the bride is asked. Everyone's watching the exchange!  Now tell me is this the right time to be asking him? I mean, like if he doesn't get any of the answers right is she suddenly going to trade him in? 


The food is probably as good as what they'll serve at the wedding. Because everyone contributed their best recipe and the price is certainly right. The only problem is no one wants to eat much cause everyone's trying to stay thin, so they can fit in to the size zero they got for the wedding.  Except for one smart aunt, who couldn't care less about size shmize. She is eating as much as she can, and wrapping the rest in her handy dandy roll of foil to take home to feed her family for the next few weeks. Probably right up until the wedding. 

Showers often have a theme. Life doesn't. 

Showers -you hope are a surprise. Life you hope isn't.

But as much as you try to plan out life -just about everything's turns out a surprise.....The kids you have, the way they act, where you actually wind up living!!!....  So don't feel too bad if your bride isn't surprised at the shower. She'll be dealing with surprises the rest of her life. Just do the best you can to make her a great party.  Cause after all, you have to admit, no one should go without a shower for too long!!! 

Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<



Creating Security for Children in a Scary World 
How to make a pocket of peace for our families and ourselves.


My daughter, Shaindy, traveled to America last week to visit with my mother. Upon returning to her home in Israel, Shaindy was greeted with a Welcome Home sign pasted onto her front door. Her six-year-old daughter had colored a picture of an El-Al plane, with a bright yellow sun. Behind the windows of the plane, she drew her mommy’s smiling face along with other passengers, and parallel to her mommy were the faces of terrorists, each with a fist raised holding sharp daggers.

Is this how our children see the world?

It’s not only in Israel that we must put ourselves into the shoes of frightened children. I spoke with a bat-mitzvah-aged girl who confided that she often feels scared. Many marriages around her are dissolving and she worries that one day she too will become a child of divorce. She watches friends deal with shaky finances, health issues, sick grandparents or siblings who seem out of control. “And the world is full of wars,” she added.

It can be overwhelming for children to deal with so much chaos, in addition to handling the pressures of school, friends and after school activities.

How can we keep our children grounded and maintain a positive outlook in life?

Many parents themselves are grappling with similar fears. How do we create a pocket of peace in a world gone mad?

Parental Peace

Before takeoff, flight attendants instruct you to put on your own oxygen mask first, begin to breathe and only then can you attempt to help your children.

The same holds true in life. We can only help our children deal with fears if we live with confidence that we can overcome obstacles. When children detect that parents are panicked, they grow fearful themselves. We must work on resolving our inner emotions of trepidation and never display hysteria. Parents who transmit a sense of calm despite the storm raging outside provide their children with serenity. Though this may not be easy for a parent undergoing distress, it is crucial that we strive to master self-control.

Husbands and wives in stressful situations should speak together privately and resolve to create a haven within their home. This means that we watch our tone, our language, and try hard to communicate patience and understanding. We don’t react in sharp tones or swat our loved ones aside with a dismissive word or gesture because of pressure.

Drawing upon one’s faith is also an anchor that provides our families with a sense of security in difficult times. When we reinforce our traditions, find solace in prayer, and commit to family rituals we are showing our children that we live with clear and established beliefs despite the turbulence that is taking place in our lives. It is not a matter of convenience, dependent on moods or feel-good emotions. Our faith is a bedrock of strength independent of turmoil and challenge. No matter how difficult the week has been my Shabbos candles bring light to my home. We are together, acquiring a sense of continuity and love. In a broken world we parents are here to heal.

Children’s Peace

When the world feels out of control a child’s sense of safety and trust is challenged. How can we help our children better cope? (Of course we are not speaking about phobias, anxiety, or childhood trauma which must be addressed professionally.)

Recognize that your child’s fear is real

Don’t ignore your child’s fears. Children become afraid at different ages, of different situations. Apprehension, worry, and feeling frightened are genuine concerns.

Validate the emotions

Allow your child to share his fears. Talk to him and permit him to communicate feelings.

Don’t make fun or belittle

A child shouldn’t feel as if he is bad or babyish for expressing worry. Be careful to avoid saying things like “a girl your age shouldn’t be afraid,” “that’s just silly,” or “stop being such a cry baby.” That only knocks your child’s self-esteem and prevents him from sharing in the future.

Don’t indulge a child’s fears

Show empathy but be careful not to fall apart each time your child tells you that he is afraid. When kids hear us talking about them and telling spouses and grandmothers that they are scared and anxious, we are adding drama to the situation. Find a balance between the emotions you display.

Teach coping strategies

Help your child work through the challenge. Positive self-statements like “I can do this” or “I will be ok” can help children navigate moments when they feel anxious. Some kids are empowered when they draw upon words of a prayer, others when they envision a happy memory. Some children who are afraid in the dark discover calm from a nightlight. Get to know your child and find the strategy that works for him.

Show empathy

Sharing stories of your own fears and how you overcame them can be an incredible source of comfort to a child.

Model being brave

Adults who lose it will raise children who lose it. Whether it is a fear of cockroaches, flying, blood tests, or unseen dangers from the world you live in, you cannot afford to freak out. Children who view their parents as in control feel secure in a world gone mad.

No matter how chaotic things get, our mission as parents is to guide, teach, and lead. Creating a pocket of peace will become part of your life-long legacy.

Our family thanks you for your continued prayers for my beloved mother, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, Esther bas Miriam.


Picture This

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS                            

Oh my gosh look at this gorgeous little baby. That was her at one year old. Oh and look at her here eating ice cream -all over her face. She was about three there. But now I can't find her anywhere. Except on my cell phone! 

Remember those days of large picture albums? The hours of perusing old memories. The pictures you'd scream over...

-          “Seriously, did I really wear my hair like that? What was I thinking-or did I put my finger in a socket?"

-          “Did we really ever have a convertible sports car now look at us clunking around in a SUV!"

-          "Everyone thought she was a boy -We thought her hair would never grow in!” 

Today, I have bookcases full of albums but they kind of stop at the year 2005. After that it's almost like we cease to exist! 

 It was fun having those picture albums at a glance. Not that they don't take up plenty of space-They do!! Not that they don't fall apart. Not that they weren't a pain to put together. But they are accessible. And they are sharable, and pass-around-able. And best of all, you can see the pictures, even if you don't charge a battery! 

 And guess what -you can probably see some of those pictures even without hunting down your reading glasses- a torturous task!  And for Sabbath observers, who are forbidden to even touch their cell phones, the Sabbath was a great time to sit and look through old albums and bond with family or friends. Now families need to buy even more books and games to keep busy on the Sabbath. Let's just hope the kindle doesn't replace actual books and the industry continues to make board games!! 

And get this, though those picture albums could fade a bit, at least the pictures didn't disappear altogether, as it does on 'snapchat'. A moment captured a moment gone! 

I'll admit, that it's nice not to have to schlep you camera around and to still be able to capture an image. But half the time I'm on my phone when the opportunity arises so I wind up taking a picture of my ear. I have a whole series entitled my ear from every angle. If you'd like to see it I can send it to you. 

Also there was something fun about those adjustable lenses on those fancy cameras. You felt so professional turning them around and around and setting up the shot.  Now why would you bother? You can change it after the fact. You can change your eye color, crop off parts of the picture, or Photoshop it altogether! In fact I'm not even sure why people take pictures anymore. No one looks like themselves by the time they are done. 

And can we just discuss selfies?? People's arms are just not long enough for all the people that they try to stuff in to a "selfie". And no one really cares how they look or if the whole shot is distorted or just one eye or half their face got in cause -After all it's a selfie! Special distortive license exits there. 

The one good thing I can say about photography these days is that it's the one safe act of terrorism around. Everyone's photo bombing - but it's all in good fun! 

Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<





If you would like to speak, host or receive emails please contact:Chana Bienstock-569-4077-

Marcia Behar 374-0741-Chana Epstein- 295-2537

A Kesivah V’chasima Tova 5775/2014-15



Oct 10/27 Tishrei - Bereshis- Nelson and Marcia Behar, 460 Barnard Av. Ced  

Oct 17/4  Chesvan – Noach – Avrum and Miriam Wechter, 383 Church Ave., Ced

Oct 24/11 Chesvan- LechLecha-Jerry and Sharon Unger, 323 Derby Ave., Ced

Oct 31/18 Chesvan – Vayeira-Nechama Spiegel, 271 Oakwood Ave., Ced


Nov 7/25 Chesvan- Chayei Sara – Drs. Joe & Barbara Tucker 231 Henley Rd.,Woodmere

Nov 14/2 Kislev- Toldot- Dr. Noah and Rivkah Kromholz, 405 Oak Ave., Ced.

Nov 21/9 Kislev- Vayeitze-Rabbi Dr. Don and Hedi Well,  484 Argyle Road, Ced

Nov 28/16 Kislev- Vayishlach-Rabbi Tzvi and Malkie Nathan,421 Rugby Rd. Ced.

Dec 5/23  Kislev- Vayeshev Shimon and Suri Shamilzadeh,476A Bayview Av. Ced

Dec 12/30 Kislev CHANUKAH Mikeitz – Shalom & Bruchie Goldfeder, 469 Bayview, Ced

Dec 19/7 Teves – Vayigash-Stu and Tzippy Nussbaum, 508 Redwood Dr, Ced

Dec 26/14 Teves-Vayechi –Simcha and Chani Axelrod, 412 Church Ave., Ced

Jan 2/21 Teves- Shemot – Yesoshua & Sheri Zimmerman, 371 Washington Ave.,Ced

Jan 9/28 Teves– Vayeira – Gershon & Rochel Fruchter,473 W. Bdwy,Ced.

Jan 16/6 Shevat- -Bo- Menashe and Judy Greenberger, 386 Church Ave., Ced

Jan 23/13 Shvat– Beshalach-  Sydney and Debby Hoffert, 113 Elm St., Woodmere

Jan 30/20 Shvat- Yitro- Yossi and Elaine Farber, 333 Buckingham Ct, Ced

Feb 6/27 Shvat – Mishpatim- Yakov and  Suri Lewis, 356 Derby Avenue, Woodmere

Feb 13/4 Adar-I Terumah -.Dr. Steve and Joanne Levine, 385 Church Ave, Ced

Feb 20/11 Adar I- –Tetzaveh- Donny & Tamar Miller – 445 Oceanpoint Ave., Ced.

Feb 27/18 Adar I- KiTisa- Chaim & Reena Halbfinger – 324 Buckingham Rd.,Ced.

Mar 5/25 Adar I- - Vayachel- Chaim & Michelle Grosser – 386 Barnard Ave., Ced.


Mar 12/2 Adar II - Perkudei – Chuny & Chaya Ungar 293 Leroy Ave.,Ced.

March 19/9 Adar II- Vayikrah – Avi and Malkie Behar, 324 Carvel Ave., Ced

Mar 26/16 Adar II- Tzav- Uri & Rudi Schlachter – 348 Argyle Rd.,Ced.

April 2/23 Adar II- Shemini – Leon & Blima Porter – 43 Maple Ave.,Ced.

April 9/1 Nissan – Tazria – Aron & Rachel Solomon 370 Rugby Rd.,Ced.

April 16 Metzora Shabbat HaGadol – NO SHIUR Wishing you a kosher and fraylichen Pesach 



in memory of Malka Feiga bat Nosson 

Inspired by Tzipora Harris


 “Please G-d, let me partner with You and go beyond my constrictions to a place of expansiveness. Everything that happens is part of Your perfect training & development program for me. Help me respond in the most noble way- help me judge favorably, have compassion, let go of having to be in control and give it over to You, G-d. Please bless me with an amazing year of walking with YOU.”

1.      G-D, You have an incredible vision for all of humanity and for me. I want to fulfill Your vision of greatness for me more and more. Please show me what I most need to see gently.

2. I want to recognize the gifts in my life and see the totality of the life You gave me, the blessings and the challenges, as an expression of Your love. Please fill my heart with gratitude.

3. I want to transcend my greatest obstacles to fulfill Your vision for me. Please help me partner with You and go from a place of constraints to a place of expansiveness.

4. Please bless me with all the resources I need to fulfill Your vision for me. (health, clarity, relationships,  a job, place to live etc.)

5. I want to make You King by living myself more according to Your Definition of reality and Your instructions for living. Please guide me.

6. I resolve that I want to be connected to You, G-D, as the source of my wellbeing in life. And not rely on ANYTHING or ANYONE else. Please help me remember that no one else has power.

7. I resolve that this moment is the dawn of a new era in my life.

I stand before You, the Creator of the Universe, my loving Father, I look at the Rosh Hashanah prayer and of course I want to be connected to You as the source of all life, and be the beautiful person You created me to be; I definitely don’t want any of the mistaken choices of the past to stand in the way.  Please help me repair whatever needs fixing.  I want this year to be greater than any year I’ve ever had and I want to be a bigger person than I’ve ever been. Not just for my own sake but for the Jewish people and humanity. Please help me ask for the right things and help me understand Your loving answers.

I want today to be the dawn of a new era in my life.

G-d, You know what I’m facing inside and outside, please help me. “ 

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The Defining Moment - FDR's First Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope by Jonathan Alter. January 31
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Picasso and American Art: Monday, January 8 at 1:00 pm. Picasso is acknowledged by many as the central figure of the modern movement. Art historian Mary Vahey will examine the sometimes worshipful, sometimes testy relationship between American artists and the Picasso, the immensely inventive Spaniard.
A Rockette Remembers: Wednesday, January 17 at 1:00pm. Corliss Whitney, the honorary historian of the Rockette Alumnae, shares poignant stories about her years as a Rockette during the 40's and 50's.
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Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall - An Artists Country Estate: Monday, March 19 at 1:00pm. Ines Powell, Metropolitan Museum of Art educator, will present an illustrated lecture which will bring together many of the architectural elements and design features of Tiffany's extraordinary country estate in Oyster Bay.