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Bellmore Playhouse - 525 Bedford Avenue, Bellmore Village (516)783-5440
  Broadway Multiplex Cinemas - Rt 106 & Rt 107, Hicksville (516)935-5599
  Clearview Franklin Sq. Cinemas -989 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square (516)775-3257
  Clearview Grand Avenue Cinemas - 1849 Grand Avenue, Baldwin (516)223-2323
  Clearview Herricks Cinemas - 3324 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park (516)747-0555
  Clearview Port Washington Cinemas - 116 Main Street, Pt Washington (516)944-6200
  Clearview Roslyn Quad - 20 Tower Place, Roslyn (516)621-8488
  Clearview Soundview Cinema - Shore Road, Port Washington
(516)756-2589 x 881
  Clearview Squire Cinemas - 115 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck (516)466-2020
  Glen Cove Cinemas - 5 School Street, Glen Cove (516)671-6668
  Loews Cineplex Entertainment - 3585 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown (516)731-5400
  Loews Cineplex Fantasy Theatre - 18 N. Park Avenue, Rockville Centre (516)764-8240
  Loews Cineplex Raceway Theatre - 1025 Corporate Drive, Westbury. (516)745-6633
  Loews Cineplex Rockville Centre Twin Theatre - 340 Sunrise Highway - Rockville Centre (516)678-3121
  Long Beach Cinema - 4179 E Park Avenue, Long Beach (516)431-2400
  Loews Cineplex Entertainment - Roosevelt Field Shopping Center, Garden City (516)741-4007
  Malverne Cinema - 350 Hempstead Avenue, Malverne (516)599-6966
  Merrick Cinemas - Broadcast Plaza, Merrick (516)623-1177
  Mid-Island Theatre - Hempstead Turnpike, Bethpage (516)796-7500
  Multiplex Cinemas - Rt 110/Conklin Street, Farmingdale (631)777-8080
  North Shore Towers - CinemaGrand Central Pkwy, Floral Park (718)229-7702
  Oceanside Theatre - 2743 Long Beach Road, Oceanside (516)536-7565
  Original Bellmore Movies - 222 Pettit Avenue, Bellmore (516)783-7200
  Seaford Cinemas - Washington Av/Merrick Road, Seaford (516)409-8700
  Sunrise Multiplex Cinemas - 750 W Sunrise Highway, Valley Stream (516)825-5700
  United Artists Lynbrook Theatre - 321 Merrick Road, Lynbrook (516)593-1033
  United Artists Westbury 12 - 7000 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury (516)333-0009
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Prayer 1

Prayer 2

Studies Show….

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS     

 The latest study has shown that drinking 5-8 cups of coffee a day is great for you.

 Wowwwwww. It's probably true though, since it would have someone flyinnnggg through their day getting tons done.

 No sickness could catch up with them moving at that pace. Though it is possible they might move so fast they would catch something, themselves.

 They also say caffeine is good because it's loaded with Antioxidants. These days I'm happy if it's loaded with any -Anti - as long as it's not anti-Semitism.

 Best of all they say it greatly prevents something.  But what it is I can't seem to remember. Oh yeah... I remember, its Alzheimer’s!

 Every week they publish another study reversing some former information. If you stop reading for one week you may lose track of where you are up to. You might be overeating tuna, under drinking red wine, over doing exercise, under doing exercise......

 It's really hard to figure out what to do!

 They say Tea is terrific for taking out carpet stains but then again it stains your teeth. And since you spend much more time drinking tea than spilling it, you may want to reconsider that habit.  

Studies show walking is really good for you.  They say it's Heart healthy! That's true as long as you’re not Walking -out on someone you care about. Then the aggravation could be so overwhelming you could be-heart unhealthy.  

They say Cell phones are not necessarily proven safe yet. Well it's a little late to bring that up.   How would anyone reach anyone? After all they've ripped out every single pay phone, everywhere. And no one under the age of thirty even owns a home phone or is willing to answer one anyway. We'd be back to communicating with smoke signals! 

Studies show there are more accidents on the road then on a plane. Well -Not if you were sitting near the kid I flew next to last trip.

 Whose doing these studies anyway? Don't they have anything better to do with their time. Oh I know they're drinking so much caffeine they have nothing but time on their hands. After all, they can't be sleeping much!!!

Somehow we keep coming out with new stats and bottom lines but we keep finding new problems to study.

 I propose we try studying this - moderation, caution, and prayer, laced with smiles and laughter whenever possible.

 And then let's see how that measures up to all the other studies!!! 

I would love to hear your opinion on all this- how about meeting for a cup of coffee, I've got plenty cups left in my allotment!  

Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<


5 Strategies to Find Balance in Life 
If you think going to the gym is a guilty pleasure, read this article.


Balancing marriage, parenting, work, and life responsibilities can feel like a high-wire act. Our children need us, our spouses expect us to be there for them, and then there are parents, jobs, financial pressures and daily obligations pulling at us all at the same time. This does not even begin to address our desire to take care of ourselves. Carving personal time out for a gym class or quiet cappuccino in a coffee shop seems as if we are seeking guilty pleasures.

Some nights we lie awake thinking to ourselves that nobody in this family is happy because each person believes I am there more for the others – and this includes ourselves.

Here are five strategies for successfully juggling our relationships and commitments:

1. Take Care of Yourself

In case of an emergency on a plane you must first place the oxygen mask over yourself and only then can you begin to take care of your children. If you are not breathing you are of no help to anyone else.

If you feel as if you are choking, your family will feel it. Begin by taking care of yourself. Be committed to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Make a plan and set real goals. Stop overlooking yourself. This is not selfish and self-centered; it is not a guilty pleasure. Look at it instead as giving your family the greatest gift possible: The gift of a joyful ‘you’.

2. Acknowledge the Challenge

When we feel pressured we snap at the people in our lives. Family and friends become the most convenient targets. As we push loved ones away, a cycle begins where we start to feel isolated and alone. Our relationships suffer. Those closest to us who can help us find calm in the storm grow distant.

Instead of getting angry at our partners, set aside time to speak together in a calm moment. Concentrate on your tone and body language. Be careful not to speak impatiently or seem standoffish. Say, “I feel like I’m in a pressure cooker right now. I realize that I may seem snappy and moody. I am feeling overwhelmed. And while it’s not an excuse, it is something that is making me act out. I am in a bad spot and now I want to work on solutions.”

Show that you are recognizing the problem instead of living as if this is your normal.

3. Anticipate and Plan

Often our feelings of being overwhelmed come from being stuck in the same difficult situation time and time again. The kids are coming home from school all at the same time, mornings are out of control, your spouse is having a hard time in the office and walks through the door in a grumpy mood. And these challenges occur each and every day. The real surprise is why are you once again caught unaware?

If you can anticipate that the mornings will be stressful, you can tell yourself that you know what’s coming. Understanding that your stressed partner needs time to unwind before interacting with you prevents you from getting bent out of shape each night. You will feel prepared instead of off-kilter.

Anticipation also helps you find solutions. You can work on a doable plan instead of throwing up your hands and feeling as if this is just not possible. If you envision that nighttime is chaotic and the house will be noisy when you return home after a hard day, you are less likely to lose it because you know what to expect the moment you walk through the door. And you can be realistic and set practical ways to find evening balance instead of exploding.

4. Find Your Positive Energy

Some of us live life in the positive lane while others only hear negative voices. The choice is yours. When we ‘awfulize’ our situation, nothing seems good. We easily fall into an overwhelming feeling of discontent. Our minds fill with the worst case scenario. Even the smallest difficulties loom large and we don’t think we will manage.

Here are some negative self-talks to try and stay away from: “My life is crazy.” “Nothing ever goes right for me.” “I’ll never be able to fix this mess.” “I hate my life.”

When you have a cd playing in your head that makes you feel as if you are living a miserable life, you lose the positive force that lies within. Solutions become difficult to come by. Life seems dark. Joy is a distant dream that remains unattainable.

The happiest people I know are the most positive. But living with a positive eye takes work. When you begin to find yourself traveling in the negative lane be conscious of what is happening. Counter the negative thought with a more confident one.

5. List Your Priorities and Goals

We spend too much time busying ourselves with meaningless activities that strip us of a sense of balance in our day. Surfing the net, checking Instagram, playing candy crush, senseless texting are all ways we find ourselves wasting hours. We don’t begin to realize how precious our time in this world is. We take opportunities with family for granted. Instead of interacting with loved ones, we forget how to cherish the simplest moments. Of course we feel unbalanced.

There is too much emotional clutter clouding our lives. It is time to get organized and rid ourselves of the mindless acts that prevent us from living each day to the max. Begin by thinking about your priorities. List your most important goals. How much time do you spend that reflects your values? And how much time is wasted; making you feel as if you don’t have enough hours in the day?

Seeking balance while working on solutions will help us live with a positive spirit, feeling energized and better able to handle life’s challenges.




Can You Flip Your Mind?

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS                     

If I stretch out my hand and give you charity, I am doing the right thing.  

But if you extend your hand to ask from me, I'm not doing as good a thing.  

But then again, if it's on Purim that's ok, because everything's turned around.  

So I guess on Purim I should wait to be asked in order to do the better thing! 

It's tough enough getting it right all year round. Now we have to deal with vinahapichu -everything reversed! 

Bad is good

Good is bad

Serious is bad

Silly's good 

Normal's nuts

Nuts is normal  

It's a day where we are supposed to recognize things aren't what we think they are. 

Think about this. You prepare for hours -, cook, spice prep, primp! You look like a million dollars. Your food looks amazing. Then Your company shows up - early and stays late. You work to be "on" the whole night.   By the end of the night - you are totally exhausted and wiped out!   So, seriously when your husband asks, what else I can do for you, are you going to say: “Oh it would make me sooooo happy to do this all over again tomorrow night!  What in the world was Queen Esther up to?!  

And then suggesting fasting for three days? I think I'm a hero when I make it through one hour without food! And on a full day fast I figure I'm like right up there with the angels. So who could last three whole days, especially without at least one Hershey bar?  

What about Mordechai? Who wouldn't need to stop back home once in a while? Mordechai was out there in the palace court yard, 24/7. Didn't he want to like ... go for a little run or grab a cup of coffee or something? Haman should have been kissing him not criticizing him. After all, where do you get that kind of free security service for the palace?  

 Haman started the concept of a lottery-Which put into action goes something like this -everyone gives and only one person wins. If Purim flips it over -everyone wins! 

Things are kind of turned on their head on Purim. 

Instead of dressing up people are throwing up. 

Instead of cheering the Baal koray in Shul they’re booing him! 

Instead of kids being quieted down they are riled up. 

What's all the reversal about?  

It's about one thing!  

We just don't know what's going on in this world. Only Gd does. 

There is no normal. What we see is not what we get. Gd can turn “it" all around in a minute! A three day fast can seem like no time! And a challenge can disappear in the blink of an eye -if Gd so chooses.

 Let that sink in as you go wild on Purim!  And what appears to be good or bad may not really be so in the giant scheme of things.

 Purim - It's not a big lottery with all unknown!

Vinahapichu - reverse your thinking!!  Purim >"Mirup"

M I - R U - in control? P- ositively.....

 Everything is happening for a reason!! 

 Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<




in memory of Malka Feiga bat Nosson 

Inspired by Tzipora Harris


 “Please G-d, let me partner with You and go beyond my constrictions to a place of expansiveness. Everything that happens is part of Your perfect training & development program for me. Help me respond in the most noble way- help me judge favorably, have compassion, let go of having to be in control and give it over to You, G-d. Please bless me with an amazing year of walking with YOU.”

1.      G-D, You have an incredible vision for all of humanity and for me. I want to fulfill Your vision of greatness for me more and more. Please show me what I most need to see gently.

2. I want to recognize the gifts in my life and see the totality of the life You gave me, the blessings and the challenges, as an expression of Your love. Please fill my heart with gratitude.

3. I want to transcend my greatest obstacles to fulfill Your vision for me. Please help me partner with You and go from a place of constraints to a place of expansiveness.

4. Please bless me with all the resources I need to fulfill Your vision for me. (health, clarity, relationships,  a job, place to live etc.)

5. I want to make You King by living myself more according to Your Definition of reality and Your instructions for living. Please guide me.

6. I resolve that I want to be connected to You, G-D, as the source of my wellbeing in life. And not rely on ANYTHING or ANYONE else. Please help me remember that no one else has power.

7. I resolve that this moment is the dawn of a new era in my life.

I stand before You, the Creator of the Universe, my loving Father, I look at the Rosh Hashanah prayer and of course I want to be connected to You as the source of all life, and be the beautiful person You created me to be; I definitely don’t want any of the mistaken choices of the past to stand in the way.  Please help me repair whatever needs fixing.  I want this year to be greater than any year I’ve ever had and I want to be a bigger person than I’ve ever been. Not just for my own sake but for the Jewish people and humanity. Please help me ask for the right things and help me understand Your loving answers.

I want today to be the dawn of a new era in my life.

G-d, You know what I’m facing inside and outside, please help me. “ 

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If you would like to speak, host or receive emails please contact:Chana Bienstock-569-4077-

Marcia Behar 374-0741-Chana Epstein- 295-2537

A Kesivah V’chasima Tova 5774/2013-14



Jan 4/3 Shvat–Bo- Zev and Yola Ash, 413 Marlborough Rd., Ced

Jan 11/10 Shvat-Beshalach-Yossi and Elaine Farber, 333 Buckingham Ct., Ced

Jan 18/17 Shvat–Yitro-Elliot and Miriam Safer, 390 Arbuckle Ave., Ced

Jan 25/24 Shvat-Mishpatim-.Chaim and Rina Halbfinger, 324 Buckingham, Ced

Feb 1/1Adar I-Terumah-Alan and Shuly  Rubel 254 Oakwood Ave. Ced

Feb 8/8 Adar I-Tetzaveh- Robert and Esti Levinson,  444 Argyle Rd., Ced

Feb 15/15 Adar I- KiTisa- Don and Hedi Well, 484 Argyle Rd., Ced

Feb 22/22 Adar I- Vayachel-Chaim and Michelle Grosser, 386 Barnard Ave., Ced

March 1/29 Adar I-Perkudei- Stuie and Tzippy Nussbaum, 508 Redwood Ced


Mar 8/6 Adar II- Vayikrah- David and Simone Greenbaum, 571 Albermale Pl., Ced

March 15/13 Adar II – Tzav- Zvi and Malky Nathan, 421 Rugby, Ced

March 22/20 Adar II- Shemini –Zev and Evy Guttman, 588 Park Ave. Ced.

March 29/27 Adar II – Tazriah –Dovid and Shoshana Kestenbaum, 366 Summit, Ced

April 5/5 Nissan – Metzorah – Yehuda and Malya Kunstler, 346 Forest Ave., Wdmr

Wishing you a kosher and fraylichen Pes

Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst

Women's Iyun Tefila Shiur















Rebbetzin Weinberger's Shiur

Rebbetzin Weinberger's shiur for women will resume on Tuesday, October 15/11 Cheshvan at 11:00 a.m. 


Ohel Sara Amen Group in memory of Sarit Marton a'h
The "Ohel Sara" Amen Group
in memory of Sarit Marton a'h
This week's shiurim and chabura schedule:
The "Ohel Sara" Amen Group
in memory of Sarit Marton a'h
cordially invites all women to attend our
Spring Learning Series. 

This week's Shiurim & Chabura  schedule
is as follows:

Sunday, May 4, 2014
9:30 AM   Chabura - Garden of Emunah
Monday, May 5, 2014
9:15 AM    Chabura - Hilchos Brachos
9:30 AM    Rabbi David Fohrman
1:00 PM    Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller - The Maharal of Prague
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
  9:15 AM   Chabura - Rav Schwab on Tefilah
10:00 AM   Rabbi Tzvi Flaum - Chumash
11:15 AM   Rabbi Tzvi Flaum - Pirke Avos
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
9:15 AM    Chabura - Rabbi Eric Coopersmith - Teleconference
1:00 PM    Mrs. Chavi Alpert - The Gra
2 Forest Lane
Lawrence, NY
Entrance on Broadway
There is no admission charge to attend any of our programs or shiurim





Sunday, March 2, 2014 - ROSH CHODESH ADAR BEIS

8:15 AM   Brachos
9:00 AM   Hallel
9:30 AM   Rabbi Yossi Wallis, CEO of Arachim


Monday, March 3, 2014 - ROSH CHODESH ADAR BEIS

8:15 AM   Brachos
9:00 AM   Hallel
9:30 AM   Rabbi Dani Staum





Rabbi Fohrman's Shiur- New Time

Rabbi David Forhrman's Genesis Unveiled series resumes this Saturday evening, February 8th. Please note the new time of 7:15pm.


The AIPAC program, From Woodmere to Washington will follow the class at 8:30pm. 



Esti Stahler

Parshat Tzav

Parshat Vayishlach

Parshat Lech Lichah

Parshat Noach 2012 


Parshat Breishit 2012, Parshat Nitzavim/Vayelech  Parshat Naso Parshat Behaalotchah Parshat Shlach



Rabbi Eytan Feiner
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Shira Smiles -massey-the-grand-scheme.mp3
Past Shiurim at Ohel Sara Amen Group
Second Anniversary Program 2007
Rabbi Dovid Weinberger on Sarit Marton's Yahrtzeit Dedication:
Midos, December 4, 2007

Rabbi Nissel on Tefilah, November 2007 Topic
Rebbetzin Shira Smiles, December 2007 Topic
Debbie Greenblatt, Michtav M'Eliyahu: Midat Harachamim, October 15, 2007
Debbie Greenblatt, Michtav M'Eliyahu: Midat Harachamim, October 22, 2007
Debbie Greenblatt, Michtav M'Eliyahu: Midat Harachamim, October 31, 2007
Esther Wein and Rachel Baron: Chahashemesh L'Yaakov, July 31, 2006
Esther Wein Musaf Rosh Hashanah September 6, 2006
Rabbi Mordechai Sitorsky September 2006
Rabbi Mordechai Sitorsky on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, June 26, 2006
Rebbetzin Sara Meisels Rosh Chodesh Elul Divrei Bracha 2006
Rebbetzin Abbey Lerner Rosh Chodesh Iyar 2006
Rabbi Dovid Weinberger on thefirst of Chanukah 2007presenting the Sefer Middos
2nd Anniversary of the "Ohel Sara" Amen Group
Rebbetzin Judy Young a'h speaking at a Rosh Chodesh Elulprogram in Great Neck

Mitzvah Blessings

Sundays only at 8:15am at 386 Felter Avenue, Hewlett.
Women gather to recite and hear at least 100 morning blessings so as to fulfill the mitzvah of doing so. If you know of someone who is ill, please feel free to call and provide the group with the Hebrew name, so that those who are present may pray for him or her. Haidee Blumenthal (516)295-5431

Beryl Wein
Beryl Wein - Click here for this Week's Parshah
Local Mikvehs
Congregation Mikveh of South Shore, 1156 Peninsula Boulevard, Hewlett (516)569-5514
Hebrew Community Service Mikvah, 1121 Sage Street, Far Rockaway (718)327-9727
For Jewish Holidays Only: Aish Kodesh Mikvah. Woodmere Boulevard in Woodmere. Speak with Sandy Polansky to make a reservation. (516)459-2298
Congregation Bais Medrash. 504 West Broadway, Cedarhurst. Speak with Rebbetzin Spiegel(516)569-1971
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Hewlett Woodmere Library - 1125 Broadway, Hewlett 516-374-1967
Peninsula Public Library - 280 Central Avenue, Lawrence 516-239-3262 l
Children's Movies: Sunday at 2:00pm
Story Time: Mondays at 4:15 pm (3-5 Year Olds) - a half hour program of stories and a short film.
Book Discussions: Tuesdays at 6:30 pm (Grades 4 - 7)
Registration - January 12
Program: February 10
The Theif Lord By: Cornelia Funke
Registration - February 9
Program: March 24
To Be Announced
Toddler Time: Thursdays at 10:30am (24 - 35 months) - A lively half-hour of songs, stories, fingerplays, movement and a short film for a child accompanied by an adult.
Mother Goose: Fridays at 10:00 am (12-23 months) - Programs of songs, finger plays, nursery rhymes and board books for very young readers accompanied by a parent or caregiver.
Parent-Child Workshop: Thursdays at 10:00-11:15 (12-35 months)
A special program that encourages parents to play, sing and do finger plays with their children. Specialists in the fields of Speech and Hearing, Behavior and Development, Nutrition, and Dance/Movement are available at various sessions. Registration is required and is being accepted in the children's room.
Book Talking with Arnold Rosenbaum: Wednesdays at 1:00pm
The Defining Moment - FDR's First Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope by Jonathan Alter. January 31
Economic Problems Facing the Middle Class .Mr. Rosenbaum will present his thoughts on the socioeconomic problems facing the American middle class. March 14
If Music Be The Food of Love...Shakespeare In Love: Sunday, January 7 at 2:30pm. New York jazz vocalist Christiana Drapkin celebrates the beauty and power of William Shakespeare's poetry and presents it in lively, sometimes haunting, jazz arrangements. The songs are direct quotations from Shakespeare's plays. Tickets required.
Picasso and American Art: Monday, January 8 at 1:00 pm. Picasso is acknowledged by many as the central figure of the modern movement. Art historian Mary Vahey will examine the sometimes worshipful, sometimes testy relationship between American artists and the Picasso, the immensely inventive Spaniard.
A Rockette Remembers: Wednesday, January 17 at 1:00pm. Corliss Whitney, the honorary historian of the Rockette Alumnae, shares poignant stories about her years as a Rockette during the 40's and 50's.
Laugh Your Way to Health - Humor Therapy: Wednesday, January 24 at 1:00pm. A presentation that will focus on the latest studies that scientifically prove and explain how and why laughter IS the best medicine.
Berman Does Merman: Sunday February 4 at 2:30pm. Songs and stories celebrating Ethel Mermans brilliant career will be brought to PPL by vocalist Lisa Berman. Tickets required.
India...Exotic and Ancient Land of Contrasts: Thursday, February 8 at 1:00pm. Through lecture and slides, Sally Wendkos Olds will guide you on a journey to another world of exotic beauty and ancient splendor.
Great Lyricists and/or Poets: Wednesday, February 14 at 1:00pm. Arnie Rosenbaum will share the poetic lyrics of Ira Gershwin, Alan J. Lerner and Larry Hart. You decide if the great lyricists of the 20th century really were master poets.
Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall - An Artists Country Estate: Monday, March 19 at 1:00pm. Ines Powell, Metropolitan Museum of Art educator, will present an illustrated lecture which will bring together many of the architectural elements and design features of Tiffany's extraordinary country estate in Oyster Bay.