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And The Walls Came Tumbling Down!

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS

Once you make it through Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur you are truly drained, ready to sit down anywhere. You are not so picky. You are finally able to stop feeling so nervous about being judged and finally able to eat again. Do you really care if you make it back in to your dining room. Under the stars is just fine!

You have soul searched, reviewed your past behavior, truly renewed a relationship with your creator, it's time to celebrate that reconnection. By now you know the walls of your house are irrelevant. If Gd wants you safe, you are, if not, no fortress can protect you! So a Succah is as great a place to have a reunion, as anywhere else. In fact what's wrong with it at all? The bees seem to love it!! The ants seem to find it rich in supplies. Even the neighborhood cats seem to sense it's a wonderful place to hang out.  They can't all be wrong.

I think people overlook the talents Succahs possess. For instance:

-I hear they have physical talents - Succahs hop.
-They make good neighbors -since they must have walls -and as the poet Frost says, good fences make good neighbors.
-And finally they are a great place to operate as a look out- since you must be able to see the sky from everywhere inside of them.

If the weather's good it's a pleasure to sit there. If it rains, you're exempt. Only cold weather is a problem and in my house they keep the AC so high, all summer, I'm used to wearing a jacket when I eat so it's nothing new to me.

Anyway, I see people bringing heaters, air conditioners, beds and curtains in to their Succahs. Therefore, how it's any different from their houses is actually a mystery to me. In fact in my home curtains would be a step up for me, I'm still using role up shades.

Succahs give you the opportunity to use your deck, your yard, even your driveways in new and unusual ways. We pay for those extra pieces of real estate they might as well multitask.

And Succahs do keep families intimate. It's like when you were first married, everything happens in one room.  When you eat inside the house, kids seem to disappear somehow during the meal. They often have this unique way of getting up to get some salt and you'd attest they were out syphoning it out of the ocean it takes them so long for them to reemerge.

Travis, in his book Days of Majesty explains:  Hashem created this world to have a relationship with man. The walls we build, is what inhibits it. On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we dismantle those barriers. By Succos the spiritual wall is dismantled.
We go from days of mercy, to days of repentance, to days of mitzvot , to days of jubilance- that's Succoth!

So-Within the walls of the succah celebrate the reconnection, the renewed relationship between you and Hashem. And the relationship between you and all those created in Gd's image and especially, the ones near and dear to you, created in your image as well. This is the gift of Succos. Build walls around you not between you!


Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<



Three Goals for the New Year 
Practical ways to utilize the incredible power of the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


These days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are an especially powerful time to grow. God is waiting for us to come close to Him, no matter how distant we have traveled.

What is your vision for the new year? Living with vision allows us to maximize our inner potential and pinpoint where we need to do better.

Here are three spiritual goals to help you utilize the energy of this time to inspire yourself and reach higher.

1. Live Mindfully

On these days we ask that God “remember us for life” in our prayers, but it is up to us to make the most of this gift called ‘life’. It is not adequate to simply be alive. How do we discover the spiritual spark that lies within our souls?

We begin by living mindfully. We waste hours of our lives without realizing it until it is too late. We have been granted time-how many people would do anything to go backwards and have more time to learn, to laugh, to love?

Begin each day by being aware of the potential that lies ahead. Be cognizant of the little moments that can transform your relationships. Instead of playing a game on your phone while waiting for a train, call a loved one just to say ‘I’m thinking of you’. When you see your spouse in the evening offer an appreciative word. Don’t just ask your kids if they did their homework and tell them to get to bed, give them a hug and kiss. Get off Instagram and check in on a lonely friend. Awaken yourself to the beautiful lives and people that surround you.

Be mindful, too, of the daily blessings God has given you. Over time we stop thinking about every breath we take, every step, every taste. It is only when we face pain or illness that we suddenly realize how grateful we should have been. We yearn for yesterday. Take a moment and conjure a mental list of all the good, large and small, that you have been given. You will feel awed, even humbled. Think of this list the next time you are about to complain about life.

Every day we are touched by miracles. We are given people to love. We have a magical world to discover. When we verbalize our gratitude through prayer we grow closer to God and develop a strong spiritual connection. Being mindful of the people in our lives stops us from taking life for granted. We live happier, more joyfully, and fulfill our desire to make the most of every day.

2. Free Yourself

How we weigh ourselves down with heavy emotional baggage, becoming stuck in mental quicksand, never feeling truly free. We fill our hearts with grudges, remembering hurts, some going back 20 or 30 years. Replaying scenes in our minds we simply refuse to let go. Sadly, many hearts are filled with grief.

At a recent lecture, a woman asked what she can do about changing her 85 year old mother in law’s attitude. She added that she cannot sleep or have peace from the situation. “Are you kidding?” I replied. “At 85, you are not changing your mother in law. And one should never go through life thinking that we’ll be happy if only we can change another human being. Try instead to change your reaction to your mother in law’s attitude. You will be a much more peaceful person.”

This is the time to seek out those we’ve hurt and ask for forgiveness. If we’ve caused others pain we must try to apologize to the ones we’ve wounded. (This includes spouses and family members).

As we step into Yom Kippur we are given the opportunity to remove these obstacles that lie in our way. We are given the power to free ourselves. We open the gates of Divine mercy and say: “Since I know that there is no man so righteous in this world that does not sin against his fellow man-either financially or physically, actively or through speech…I hereby fully forgive all those who have sinned against me...even if they slandered me. I also forgive all those who injured me-physically and financially…all of these I completely forgive. Let no man be punished on my account. And just as I have forgiven all, I ask that You grant me favor in the eyes of all men so that they forgive me completely.”

We’ve all made mistakes. Begin the year with a clean slate.

3. Define Your Life Attitude

Who are you? Have you grown bitter? Do you resent other people’s blessings? Is it difficult for you to smile? Are you passionate about life? Do you live with courage?

Define yourself by your spirit, your passions, and your ability to love. Even if you must make believe at times, never lose your laughter. Keep your heart open. Celebrate life.

Yes there are times that we face loss. Some meet tragedy that takes our breath away. But be careful that you don’t define yourself by your sorrow. Define yourself, instead, by your sacred soul and not your body. Choose to nurture your spirit. Engage in the world around you.

All this takes work. It means constantly growing, learning, putting one foot in front of the other and trying to be brave. Ask: how can I make my today better than my yesterday?

We have the ability to transform our lives. Setting spiritual goals is the first step. Let’s tap into the power of these awesome days.



 Autonomy At It’s Best

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS

One of the greatest feelings people experience is autonomy! 

Pan to this: Just picture a room full of adults, half of them down on their knees all around the floor. Everyone is reaching out and encouraging. And there across the room is a little one-year-old, unsteadily, struggling to take his first steps. Everyone wants to see him gain this independence. 

What about the joy of learning to tie one’s own shoe for the first time. Can you remember the elation? Of course Velcro has given that sensation a run for its money. But kids definitely still love to learn- to do it themselves! 

Pan to this: So, there they are busy doing whatever it is kids do. Now, picture a ringing bell in the distance or the slight lilt of a musical symphony building slowly to a crescendo. Suddenly their ears perk up. They fly past you out the front door euphoric with the sensation of independence. The ice cream man cometh!!! They don't need to ask you to take them to town or to the store. They don't need to climb into the car and get strapped in. They don't even need to give up what they were busy doing for very long. They can be their own little consumer.  

The choices are sprawled out in vivid color before them and they are doing their calculations on their own, which one are they in the mood for.  Gummy eyeballs on a sponge bob or a multicolored rocket. No matter, it's their decision to make and they are savoring the moment. 

This sensation is one of the highs of summer.  A kid doesn't have to ask you for something. It comes right to their door. First there is the quizzical look in their eye. Do they hear something in the distance? Then that moment of realization and then they are on the move. And often you right behind them.  Because they know one thing’s for sure- if they don't scurry their little body out to the street on time, this guy’s going to fly right past their house. Seriously where in the world are these guys rushing to? Don't they actually want to make a sale?  

I've never understood it, it's like someone's paying these drivers to give you a nervous breakdown. Runnnn or we're going to miss him! Did you see which way he went? Are you sure that was him? Where does he go next? The whole neighborhood is suddenly on a CIA mission.  

Sometimes you’re summoning others to join the task and running around the block from 2 angles trying to cut him off or converge on him. And there have been times you've actually had to jump into the car and give chase to catch up with him. But you do all this, gladly, so that your child can have that delicious moment to feel they are not always dependent on you to get their treats. Because the ice cream man is looking after their interests too.

 So, I'm saying, kids love it because they couldn't drive themselves to get it and it gives them that sense of autonomy. But here's my question to all you adults-why does it still send a thrill through your system when you hear the music in the distance? Are you just sooo happy for your kid ---- but then why'd you just buy a super cone or cocoa choco for yourself?  Is it the best of childhood coming back to you?!  Autonomy or a surprise All For Me, makes no difference. Sometimes it's just fun to have a treat, unsummoned, show up at your doorstep.  Then again - you didn't have to call for it, shop for it, order it in advance, or even give it a thought, it just came clanging your way and made your day! So guess what- I guess that's kind of a bit of autonomy for everyone!

 Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or<



How to Foster Gratitude in Children 
This New Year make thankfulness your parenting goal.

Waiting on line in a shop, I watch the scene in front of me unfold. A teenage girl has piled the counter with clothing. Her mother is standing there waiting for the items to be tallied.

“$434.00,” says the saleswoman.

I see the mom wince. The young girl barely looks up. She is busy on her iPhone.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” the mother asks.

Her daughter snaps her bubble gum, still looking down. “Yeah,” she replies without meeting her mother’s eyes. She is texting.

Her mom slowly counts out every dollar. Her wallet is now empty. The saleswoman hands her the bag. The young girl has still not acknowledged her mother’s presence; forget about the gift of clothing. They leave the store without any exchange; not even a smile. The words ‘thank you’ were never uttered.

I feel sad for both mother and daughter. Mother- for trying so hard to make her child happy and not feeling appreciated despite the obvious sacrifice; and daughter – for growing up with such incredible disregard and arrogance. They are on a journey of disrespect and unhappiness.

It is our jobs as parents to teach our children how to appreciate, voice thankfulness, and grow with character despite the hurdles we face trying to mold our children’s souls. A great part of parenting is setting limits while being loving. Buying more stuff doesn’t help us gain entry into our children’s hearts.

Too many parents are afraid to tell their kids how to live and act better. They are scared of their children’s reactions, frightened that their kids won’t like them. Knowing that their disrespect is tolerated, sons and daughters simply mouth off or blatantly ignore their parents.

Parents are also faced with a personal dilemma that stems from their own childhood. As one mom told me, “When you grew up without, you want your kids to have. So you keep buying whatever they want.” We mistakenly equate acquiring things with acquiring love, but the two are not the same.

High Holiday Parenting Goals

As we approach the High Holidays, we are asked to reflect upon our lives. This is the time of year that we set personal goals. As parents, an attitude of gratitude is one of the most crucial character traits we can teach our children. Gratitude is the foundation for a home that is to be built with respect. When we appreciate our possessions and the people in our lives, when kids realize that things just don’t suddenly appear in our closets and on our plates, then we arrive to an awareness of thankfulness that we cannot simply disregard. We come to value and respect both our families and our things. We’ve got to stop taking it all for granted.

While getting kids ready for the new school year, we are given the perfect opportunity to cultivate within them this awareness. And as we parent our children’s souls we will find that we parent our own selves in the process.

Why Gratitude?

Children raised with a sense of thankfulness have been found to have better grades, are less likely to be depressed, have a better attitude toward school and family, and show more satisfaction with life. They also speak more respectfully and take care of their things because of their appreciation. They do not grow up with a sense of entitlement and arrogance.

Grateful adults are happier, possess greater self-esteem, and live with more feelings of hope, empathy and optimism.

How do we grow an attitude of appreciation in our homes?

Daily Thanks

Gratitude must become a regular part of our lives. We are taught to begin each day with the prayer of ‘Modeh Ani’ – ‘Thank You God for another day’. This becomes a mindset. Let’s teach our children to start their morning with these words. Thankfulness should become common in our vocabulary. Look for things, big and small, to express gratitude for. You found a parking spot easily? The family is eating dinner together? Let the kids hear your gratitude. The children got new school sneakers and backpacks? You bought holiday outfits? Don’t allow the moment to pass without an expression of appreciation. And if one parent is not able to be there, have the kids call and say ‘thank you’.

A beautiful way to end each day is teaching your children to thank God for their blessings before they go to sleep. Help younger children think of people, experiences and things they are grateful for. This will become a positive awareness that children cultivate as they grow. Daily thanks compel us to feel joy.

Model Thankfulness

It is not adequate to expect gratitude from our children; we too, must express appreciation to each other. Husbands and wives often take each other for granted. Carpools are driven, dinners cooked, long days in the office dealt with and after a while we just assume that this is what we are all supposed to be doing. We make an awful mistake teaching children that spouses do not deserve to hear that we cherish their efforts. Even if we are expected to bring home a paycheck or put a load in the wash, that does not excuse our lack of thankfulness. Make a point to verbalize your words of gratefulness. Show your family that you cherish and admire your spouse.

This also goes for anyone we tend to overlook. The doorman, the server, the bus driver, the babysitter, the math tutor-there are too many people we disrespect by ignoring their presence in our lives.

Teach Children to Give

Takers in life are naturally unhappy. They are always expecting more and never satisfied. Children who do not make giving a part of their life grow demanding and arrogant. Have children pitch in. Allow them to participate so they can see what it takes to cut up a salad, load the dishwasher, set the table and bring the groceries in from the car.

When children outgrow toys or clothing, teach them to gather their gently used items so that others can enjoy. Explain how there is a child who will now feel warm with their jacket or delight with their bicycle. Show them how they can make a difference in this world. Explain how their things hold value and meaning. Watch gratitude grow.

When parents nudge children out of their selfie universe, families learn to value and cherish one another. Instead of buying more presents, let us work this year on becoming a stronger presence in our children’s lives. Let us choose to be grateful and open the eyes of our sons and daughters to life’s blessings. We will all be happier and more content.





If you would like to speak, host or receive emails please contact:Chana Bienstock-569-4077-

Marcia Behar 374-0741-Chana Epstein- 295-2537

A Kesivah V’chasima Tova 5775/2014-15



Oct 10/27 Tishrei - Bereshis- Nelson and Marcia Behar, 460 Barnard Av. Ced  

Oct 17/4  Chesvan – Noach – Avrum and Miriam Wechter, 383 Church Ave., Ced

Oct 24/11 Chesvan- LechLecha-Jerry and Sharon Unger, 323 Derby Ave., Ced

Oct 31/18 Chesvan – Vayeira-Nechama Spiegel, 271 Oakwood Ave., Ced


Nov 7/25 Chesvan- Chayei Sara – Drs. Joe & Barbara Tucker 231 Henley Rd.,Woodmere

Nov 14/2 Kislev- Toldot- Dr. Noah and Rivkah Kromholz, 405 Oak Ave., Ced.

Nov 21/9 Kislev- Vayeitze-Rabbi Dr. Don and Hedi Well,  484 Argyle Road, Ced

Nov 28/16 Kislev- Vayishlach-Rabbi Tzvi and Malkie Nathan,421 Rugby Rd. Ced.

Dec 5/23  Kislev- Vayeshev Shimon and Suri Shamilzadeh,476A Bayview Av. Ced

Dec 12/30 Kislev CHANUKAH Mikeitz – Shalom & Bruchie Goldfeder, 469 Bayview, Ced

Dec 19/7 Teves – Vayigash-Stu and Tzippy Nussbaum, 508 Redwood Dr, Ced

Dec 26/14 Teves-Vayechi –Simcha and Chani Axelrod, 412 Church Ave., Ced

Jan 2/21 Teves- Shemot – Yesoshua & Sheri Zimmerman, 371 Washington Ave.,Ced

Jan 9/28 Teves– Vayeira – Gershon & Rochel Fruchter,473 W. Bdwy,Ced.

Jan 16/6 Shevat- -Bo- Menashe and Judy Greenberger, 386 Church Ave., Ced

Jan 23/13 Shvat– Beshalach-  Sydney and Debby Hoffert, 113 Elm St., Woodmere

Jan 30/20 Shvat- Yitro- Yossi and Elaine Farber, 333 Buckingham Ct, Ced

Feb 6/27 Shvat – Mishpatim- Yakov and  Suri Lewis, 356 Derby Avenue, Woodmere

Feb 13/4 Adar-I Terumah -.Dr. Steve and Joanne Levine, 385 Church Ave, Ced

Feb 20/11 Adar I- –Tetzaveh- Donny & Tamar Miller – 445 Oceanpoint Ave., Ced.

Feb 27/18 Adar I- KiTisa- Chaim & Reena Halbfinger – 324 Buckingham Rd.,Ced.

Mar 5/25 Adar I- - Vayachel- Chaim & Michelle Grosser – 386 Barnard Ave., Ced.


Mar 12/2 Adar II - Perkudei – Chuny & Chaya Ungar 293 Leroy Ave.,Ced.

March 19/9 Adar II- Vayikrah – Avi and Malkie Behar, 324 Carvel Ave., Ced

Mar 26/16 Adar II- Tzav- Uri & Rudi Schlachter – 348 Argyle Rd.,Ced.

April 2/23 Adar II- Shemini – Leon & Blima Porter – 43 Maple Ave.,Ced.

April 9/1 Nissan – Tazria – Aron & Rachel Solomon 370 Rugby Rd.,Ced.

April 16 Metzora Shabbat HaGadol – NO SHIUR Wishing you a kosher and fraylichen Pesach 



in memory of Malka Feiga bat Nosson 

Inspired by Tzipora Harris


 “Please G-d, let me partner with You and go beyond my constrictions to a place of expansiveness. Everything that happens is part of Your perfect training & development program for me. Help me respond in the most noble way- help me judge favorably, have compassion, let go of having to be in control and give it over to You, G-d. Please bless me with an amazing year of walking with YOU.”

1.      G-D, You have an incredible vision for all of humanity and for me. I want to fulfill Your vision of greatness for me more and more. Please show me what I most need to see gently.

2. I want to recognize the gifts in my life and see the totality of the life You gave me, the blessings and the challenges, as an expression of Your love. Please fill my heart with gratitude.

3. I want to transcend my greatest obstacles to fulfill Your vision for me. Please help me partner with You and go from a place of constraints to a place of expansiveness.

4. Please bless me with all the resources I need to fulfill Your vision for me. (health, clarity, relationships,  a job, place to live etc.)

5. I want to make You King by living myself more according to Your Definition of reality and Your instructions for living. Please guide me.

6. I resolve that I want to be connected to You, G-D, as the source of my wellbeing in life. And not rely on ANYTHING or ANYONE else. Please help me remember that no one else has power.

7. I resolve that this moment is the dawn of a new era in my life.

I stand before You, the Creator of the Universe, my loving Father, I look at the Rosh Hashanah prayer and of course I want to be connected to You as the source of all life, and be the beautiful person You created me to be; I definitely don’t want any of the mistaken choices of the past to stand in the way.  Please help me repair whatever needs fixing.  I want this year to be greater than any year I’ve ever had and I want to be a bigger person than I’ve ever been. Not just for my own sake but for the Jewish people and humanity. Please help me ask for the right things and help me understand Your loving answers.

I want today to be the dawn of a new era in my life.

G-d, You know what I’m facing inside and outside, please help me. “ 

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If Music Be The Food of Love...Shakespeare In Love: Sunday, January 7 at 2:30pm. New York jazz vocalist Christiana Drapkin celebrates the beauty and power of William Shakespeare's poetry and presents it in lively, sometimes haunting, jazz arrangements. The songs are direct quotations from Shakespeare's plays. Tickets required.
Picasso and American Art: Monday, January 8 at 1:00 pm. Picasso is acknowledged by many as the central figure of the modern movement. Art historian Mary Vahey will examine the sometimes worshipful, sometimes testy relationship between American artists and the Picasso, the immensely inventive Spaniard.
A Rockette Remembers: Wednesday, January 17 at 1:00pm. Corliss Whitney, the honorary historian of the Rockette Alumnae, shares poignant stories about her years as a Rockette during the 40's and 50's.
Laugh Your Way to Health - Humor Therapy: Wednesday, January 24 at 1:00pm. A presentation that will focus on the latest studies that scientifically prove and explain how and why laughter IS the best medicine.
Berman Does Merman: Sunday February 4 at 2:30pm. Songs and stories celebrating Ethel Mermans brilliant career will be brought to PPL by vocalist Lisa Berman. Tickets required.
India...Exotic and Ancient Land of Contrasts: Thursday, February 8 at 1:00pm. Through lecture and slides, Sally Wendkos Olds will guide you on a journey to another world of exotic beauty and ancient splendor.
Great Lyricists and/or Poets: Wednesday, February 14 at 1:00pm. Arnie Rosenbaum will share the poetic lyrics of Ira Gershwin, Alan J. Lerner and Larry Hart. You decide if the great lyricists of the 20th century really were master poets.
Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall - An Artists Country Estate: Monday, March 19 at 1:00pm. Ines Powell, Metropolitan Museum of Art educator, will present an illustrated lecture which will bring together many of the architectural elements and design features of Tiffany's extraordinary country estate in Oyster Bay.